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Digitalization of the built environment

Digitalization of the built environment
Source: Lund Municipality

Digitization affects large parts of society and also community building, for example through planning, design, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure. We are involved in several national development and research projects to improve digital methods in community construction and to study the possibilities and limitations of these methods. Several of these projects are within the Smart Built Environment SIO program which we are also one of the initiators of.

Smart Built Environment

The project will develop a test environment for digitizing government and industry's planning and construction processes. The project will develop a platform for managing information in a life-cycle perspective.

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Data quality and data responsibility

The project is a cooperation project between LU and KTH and includes senior researchers and a PhD student. The goal is to provide recommendations for quality reporting of data, quality assurance of digital processes, risk assessments and quality assurance. The project will be based on the standards, methods and responsibilities currently used for quality in geodata and the BIM area. The question becomes how these methods need to be changed to enable the exchange of quality-assured data within the community building process.

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