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Alumni: Hanna, working as sustainability consultant

Alumnus Hanna Angel about her career

What do you work with?

I currently work as a Sustainability Consultant at the company Ensucon in Lund. Here I work with environmental strategic issues in both the private and public sector, where I help different actors to reduce their climate impact in different ways. Among other things, I build and improve environmental management systems, work with goal management, sustainability reporting and hold a lot of training in environment and sustainability. In a month, I will start working as a Sustainability Coordinator at Volvo Cars. There I will work with CO2 reductions in the production stage, with promoting a circular economy in the entire value chain and with social and ethical sustainability at the company and in the supplier stage.

Why did you choose physical geography & ecosystem science?

I have always loved nature and therefore felt a great need to help take care of our beautiful soil in some way. What appealed to me about natural geography & ecosystem science was that the program was focused on gaining a good understanding of how all major natural systems (atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, etc.) are connected and affect each other - and how we humans in turn affect nature . I was also much more interested in studying in an international environment, which included a lot of field studies and close contact with nature, than reading about Swedish environmental legislation in the environmental science program.

What was the best thing about the education?

It was that everything you learned was so incredibly interesting and that it always felt like every human being on earth should learn about this, as it is such incredibly important and fundamental questions that affect our understanding of how we affect our invaluable ecosystems. Also, the field studies in Uganda where we studied soil erosion on Mount Elgon were a trip I will never forget!

Tips for students who are thinking about what to work with?

Go on your gut feeling and think carefully and for a long time about what it is you actually value and are interested in. You can make a lot of difference through all the hours you spend on your work - choose carefully and also take a look at future prospects in the labor market within what you think seems most interesting. Never be afraid to ask someone who works with what you think seems exciting about what it is actually like to work with this in everyday life.

Interviewed in February 2021.

Hanna Angel, alumnus from Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science.