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Alumni: Ana

Ana Gebert from Croatia graduated 2020 with a BSc in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science. She had some previous studies with BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management at RIT Croatia.


Ana sitting on grass smiling to the camera.

Do you have any advice for students planning to study Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science at Lund University?

My advice would be to take advantage of the amazing excursions that are offered throughout the program, especially the excursion during the NGEA09 course, as well as the exchange semester. Have fun and relax, this is definitely one of the most active programs in Lund!

When you started to look at university studies, what did you plan to work with after graduation?

I would appreciate an opportunity to work in the field of forestry or another job in the ecosystem service sector.

What programme (or courses if exchange student) did you study at Lund - with a few words, describe the subject to someone who is not familiar with the field?

Basically, a mix of some geology, climatology, hydrology and cartography with a lot of practical field work and a focus on research and analysis.

Why did you choose this programme?

After I finished my first BSc in Croatia, I felt that I wanted to broaden my education in the natural sciences, so I found this program while researching cheap (or free) science degree programs in English! After researching the university itself, I applied and never looked back.

What are you working with today, and what paths led you here?

Through my thesis project I met a professor at the forestry university here in Sarajevo, and since I returned here I have been cooperating with her on some projects which have overlap with my skills in English and familiarity with the topic of forestry and remote sensing.

What did your choice of studying physical geography and ecosystem science mean to your career? Did you get any important tools?

I might be an atypical person for this question, as I really don’t consider myself a strictly career-driven person. My long-term goal is to open my own b&b business – which may appear to derive limited obvious use of my degree from Lund University.  However, I wanted to study something that truly interested me and that goal was 100% fulfilled. I think the general deeper understanding of the way the physical Earth around us functions is useful, especially in the context of the increasing instability and damage caused by the distance humanity has put between itself and the natural world, and I find it very rewarding to be able to interpret the various patterns and systems of the Earth.

How was studying at Lund University compared to studying in your home country?  How is the study environment?

I think the Swedish education system is brilliant, I appreciate how individual responsibility is highly regarded, and that the professors who are teaching are very current and active in the fields that they teach, and though the program is a lot of work it rarely becomes overwhelming. Students truly take education seriously at Lund, and it’s a stimulating environment at an intellectual level especially.

This interview was done in Spring 2019.