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Plan your programme studies

Guide to choosing and applying for courses

Every semester you must apply for the courses you will study next semester. It is very important to apply for your spring courses in the autumn application opening, and for your autumn courses in spring, at the given dates. Apply online at

Remember to log in as a programme student

You log in to the or via the student portal to find the courses and apply. The application is open around October/November and March/April. 

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Bachelor´s programme

Master´s programmes 

Bachelor´s programme course applications

In the BSc programme, most courses are mandatory. You start the first year with Introduction to the Global Environment, followed by Theory and methods of Physical Geography. This is how you should apply for further your studies:

BSc First year students

Application (15th September - 17th October) for the spring semester:

First year spring courses are mandatory, unless you have already studied similar courses, you must apply for:

  • First year, spring period 1: NGEA22 Hydrology (Mandatory) 15 credits Application code 54013
  • First year, spring period 2: NGEA04 Ecosystem Analysis (Mandatory) 15 credits Application code 54009

Application (mid March- mid April) for second year autumn semester:

Note that here are 15 credits that is not a mandatory course.

  • Second year, autumn period 1: NGEA11 Geographical Information Systems (Mandatory), 15 credits
  • Second year, autumn period 2: NGEA12 Geographical Information systems advanced (Optional), 15 credits.

 The optional course may be anything of your choice, at another department, other university if you like. It is also possible to study the Internship course, but please note that this requires 90 credits of previous studies.

NOTE: Do not mix the GIS courses up with the ones that are given as distance courses. You must apply for the campus courses.

BSc Second year students

Application (15th September - 17th October) for the second year spring semester:

  • Spring period 1: NGEA21 The climate system (Mandatory) 15 credits - Application code 54012
  • Spring period 2: NGEA03 Remote sensing for landscape studies (Mandatory) 15 credits - Applicaion code 54008

IMPORTANT NOTE: This autumn semester is also when you plan and apply for your exchange or other courses outside our department in the third year. Keep alert to information from the international coordinator.

Application (March-April) for the third year autumn semester:

If you are not going on exchange, you must apply for courses outside our department. The plan of the programme is that you can not take ANY courses at our department, including the Internship course. 

You must study any courses that are not too similar to our courses. If you have questions, please contact the study advisors.

BSc Third year students

Application (October) for the third year spring semester:

  • Spring period 1: NGEA09 Land surface processes and landscape dynamics (Mandatory), 15 credits - Application code 54011
  • Spring period 2: NGEK01 Bachelor´s degree project (Mandatory), 15 credits - Application code 54014


Master´s programmes course applications

Geomatics programme

In the Geomatics programme, depending on your first semester, you choose programme courses or elective courses.

Applying for second year autumn semester:

  • NGEN20 Programming for applications in geomatics, physical geography and ecosystem science, 15 ECTS
  • NGEN07 Web GIS 7,5 ECTS + NGEN06 Algorithms in GIS 7,5 ECTS

NOTE: If you previously to your master´s programme already had 30 credits GIS, and studied these courses in the first year, you are free to choose 30 credits elective courses or exchange studies. You may also take the Internship course of 15 credits. You are allowed to include maximum 30 credits of basic courses in your Master´s degree.

Appling for the second year spring semester: 

  • NGEM01 Master Degree Project 30 ects - Application code 54077 (full time studies), 54078 (half time studies)


Master´s programme in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

In your degree you need 45 credits from our department, plus the Master thesis project 30 credits. After the first semester which is mandatory in this programme, youmust  have one more 15 credits course from our department, and another 45 credits of elective courses at our department or or elsewhere.

Hence: 45 credits + 30 credits thesis must be taken at our department. Then 45 credits elective courses from our department, another department at LU, or another university.

Applying for the first year spring semester as well as the second year autumn semester: 

  • Electives, of which at least 15 credits must be from our department

Suggestions of electives at our department, but note that you are also allowed to study 30 credits of basic courses which are not listed here.

Spring elective courses:

  • NGEN02 Ecosystem modelling, 15 credits - Application code 54078
  • NGEN24 Satellite remote sensing, 15 credits - Application code 54081
  • NGEN23 Spatial analysis, 7,5 credits - Application code 54080
  • NGEN22 Geografical databases, 7,5 credits - Application code 54079

Autumn elective courses:

  • NGEN06 Algorithms in GIS, 7,5 credits
  • NGEN07 Webb GIS, 7,5 credits
  • NGEN09 Remote Sensing - Digital Methods, 7,5 credits
  • NGEN17 Global Ecosystem Dynamics, 15 credits
  • NGEN 20 Programming for Applications in Geomatics 15 credits
  • NGEN 21 Applied GIS 15 credits

You will find the proposed programme line-up here

Appling for the second year spring semester: 

  • NGEM01 Master Degree Project 30 ects - Application code 54077 (full time studies), 54078 (half time studies)


Master´s programme in Geographical Information Systems

For students at the online Master´s programme in GIS the study plan is described here


Master´s programme in GIS and Remote sensing (starting autumn 2022)

In this programme there are 45 credits mandatory courses, 30 credits electives from our department, and 15 credits electives at our department or elsewhere. Plus 30 credits Master degree project at our department in the final semester.

Application (October), applying for first year spring semester:

You apply to the spring courses in the first autumn application round. You must apply for:

  • Spring period 1: Elective 15 credits 
  • Spring period 2: NGEA24 Satellite remote sensing (Mandatory) 15 credits - Application code 54081

NOTE! There are only 15 credits of electives in the programme that can be studied at other departments, or for taking the internship course, while the remaining 30 credits must be electives from the following at INES:

Spring courses:

NGEN22    Geographical databases 7,5 credits  - Application code 54079
NGEN23    Spatial Analysis 7,5 credits - Application code 54080

Autumn courses:
NGEN25    Algorithms and data structures in GIS 7,5 credits (updated course from autumn 2023)
NGEN26    Web GIS 7,5 credits
NGEN27    Geospatial artificial intelligens 7.5 credits (new course, start autumn 2023)
NGEN28    Collection and Analysis of Geospatial 3D Data 7.5 credits (new course, start autumn 2023)

Applying for second year autumn semester: 

  • Autumn period 1: Elective 15 credits 
  • Autumn period 2: Elective 15 credits 

Applying for the second year spring semester: