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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you'll find answer to some of the most common questions regarding studying at our department.

Q How many ECTS can I take per semester, at most?

A: 30 ECTS is considered as full-time studies, but you could take up to 45 ECTS per semeseter.

Q How many hours of lectures are there per week?

A: The number of classes per week varies between the courses, but must courses have activities from morning to afternoon, from Monday to Friday. Some days 8am - 5pm, other days 9am - 3pm. There are no scheduled lessons before 8am or after 5pm. During the day, you will have a mix of lectures, exercises, seminars, and perhaps project work. Some courses also have excursions (usually one day) or field trips.

Q: How many students generally take an average Physical Geography class?

A: Some courses are more popular than other. We have all from 10 (rare) to 60 (also rare) students within a course.

Q: What is the language of instruction?

A: All courses are taught in English. All course material is in English. Many of our lectures have English as their mother tongue.

Q: Is it very competitive to get into Physical Geography/Science subjects in Lund?

A: It depends on the course. It also differs from one year to another. Our GIS-courses are popular, sometimes difficult to be admitted to.

Q: Once I've applied for and been accepted to a course, how do I proceed to get registered on the course?

A: You will get an invitation letter from us to participate in the course and an invitation to do an on-line registration. This registration process normally opens one week before the course starts and it's done in the student Ladok system.

Q: Once in a program, do I still have to apply for courses for my next semester?

A: Yes, you always have to apply for courses for your next semester, deadline for spring semester is October 15th and autumn is April 15th. You may still get a seat in a course but we cannot assure this if you do not apply on time.

Q: where can I find information about scholarships at Lund University?

A: There are several scholarships at Lund University. The Lund University Global Scholarship is an academic excellence award targeting top students from all countries outside the EU/EEA. There are also scholarships from The Swedish Institute, programme-specific or country-specific sholarships, and more. You will find a lot of information about what scholarships are available at Lund University at the international admissions webpage