Computer lab requests

The quality of our students working environment is important to us. Therefore, we would therefore like to ask you to do the following.

  • report any malfunctioning computer or equipment using our case management system (log on using your computer credentials)
  • access to the labs is personal, so please keep friends, pets, etc, outside of our labs
  • keep entrance cards, door codes and passwords to yourself
  • consume food and drinks outside of our labs, and in general, throw stuff away to keep the labs nice and tidy
  • use our computers for teaching purposes, not for gaming or work consultancies
  • allow for booked activities to use the room as intended (see computer lab availability)
  • log out from a computer, rather than lock it, when you leave it, unless it's for a few minutes only
  • point in front of the screens without actually touching them, as this will leave marks on them
  • keep teaching data in the department, as it may be licensed
  • close doors and windows if you are the last person to leave a lab or room