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Course schedules to our programme courses

Listed here are all schedules for our programme courses. For other courses, please look at the course page in the Education pages. The schedules are listed under course facts on each course page. You may also go directly to Time-edit system to search your course schedule.

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Programme schedules

You will find all course schedules below. Note that these are planned some months before the semester starts, therefore not all schedules will be availabe in early autumn or early spring. If there are no classes shown, it is because the course will be given next semester and is not scheduled yet.

Bachelor in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Master in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Master´s programme in GIS and Remote sensing


Bachelor´s Programme

Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Programme coordinator: Andreas Persson

First year

Autumn period 1: An Introduction to the Global Environment
Autumn period 2: Theory and Methods of Physical Geography
Spring period 1: Hydrology
Spring period 2: Ecosystem Analysis

Second year

Autumn period 1: Geographical Information Systems, introduction
Autumn period 2: Geographical Information Systems, advanced
Spring period 1: The Climate System
Spring period 2: Remote Sensing for Landscape Studies

Third year

Elective, at another department or university
Elective at another department or university
Spring period 1: Land surface processes and landscape dynamics, Spr 1
Spring period 2: Bachelor degree project Spr 2

Master´s programmes

Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Programme coordinator: Anna Maria Jönsson

First year

Autumn period 1: Greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles
Autumn period 2: Climate change and its impacts on the environment

Spring period 1: Ecosystem modelling

Spring period 1 alternative 2 : Spatial analysis / Geographical Databases
Spring 2: Satellite remote sensing

Second year
Autumn 1: alternative: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Autumn 2: Global Ecosystem Dynamics

Spring: Master degree project

Master´s programme in GIS and Remote Sensing

Programme coordinator: Ali Mansourian

Obligatory courses 45 ECTS
Autumn period 1: Programming for applications in GIS and Remote sensing 15 ects
Autumn period 2: Applied GIS 15 ects
Spring, period 2Satellite remote sensing 15 ects

Elective courses 30 ECTS
Spring, period 1: Geographical databases 7,5 ects
Spring, period 1: Spatial Analysis 7,5 ects
Autumn, period 2:  Algoritms and data structures in GIS 7,5 ects
Autumn, period 2: Web GIS 7,5 ects
Autumn:  Spatial artificial intelligens 7.5 hp (new course, start autumn 2023)
Autumn:  Collection and analysis of 3D geo data 7.5 hp (new course, start autumn 2023)

Optional courses 15 ECTS

NGEA51   Internship 15 ects

Obligatory course Master degree project
Spring: Master Degree Project 30 ects    



This is our online master´s programme, please check your courses on the programme and then search for your course code in the online TimeEdit organiser.


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