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Student: Julia

Julia from Germany is studying in Lund

Julia Iwan from Germany studies Physical Geopgrapy and Ecosystem Science at Lund University. Here is her story about why she choose to study with us.


Student Julia Iwan at the department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science.
Julia Iwan, being a bachelor student in spring 2019


So Julia, tell us why you chose this programme?

Because I have always been interested in environment and climate change and the environmental impact humans have, and the best way to start a career is to understand how everything works, how all the processes work and that is what we are learning in our programme right now.

What made you come to Lund University for your studies?

Because it is one of the most famous or well known universities in Sweden, and it is one of the  courses in English. And because I always wanted to live in Sweden, and I did not want to study in my home town.

What do you like about the program and studying here?

The programme is very applicable to real life and real life events, and climate change is a huge topic right now, there´s so many myths, so many ideas about it, and it is good to be able to distinguish between what is real, what is actually happening, and what is just something that media is saying or politicians misunderstand. It is good to be able to properly understand it and have some knowledge about it.

How do you like living in Sweden?

It is really nice, people are really nice and helpful, and it is very easy to get around without any knowledge of the Swedish language, everyone speaks English everywhere. And it’s a very nice atmosphere in Lund, it is a very international atmosphere, a lot of students from all over the world, and a great student life.

Have you done any practical work in your programme?

We have had field trips and where we applied some of those things that we learned already, and we had a field week in the first course where we learned a lot of measuring, and we had excursions where we saw different features from landscape forming processes.

What do you think you are doing in five years?

I am probably finishing my master programme

Do you have any advice for people planning to study in Lund?

Read through the LU website carefully, basically everything you need is stated somewhere there, plan in advance and make sure to know what documents you need. And just enjoy it, it´s so much fun coming here and it´s not hard at all, people are very helpful.



This interview was performed in April 2019