Our buildings

Classrooms, seminar rooms, etc

Our classrooms are found in two buildings: Geocentre I and II. The first digit in a room number indicates a corresponding floor level.

Computer labs


  • AtmosfärenGeocentre II, 2nd floor, number 209
  • BiosfärenGeocentre I, 2nd floor, number 220
  • Hydrosfären, Geocentre I, 1st floor, number 108
  • Litosfären, Geocentre II, 3rd floor, number 354
  • Pangea, Geocentre II, 2nd floor, number 229
  • Världen, Geocentre I, 1st floor, number 111

Seminar rooms

  • Gotland, Geocentre I, ground floor, number 126
  • Öresund, Geocentre I, 2nd floor