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Our buildings

Classrooms, seminar rooms, etc

Our classrooms are found in two buildings: Geocentre I and II. The first digit in a room number indicates a corresponding floor level.

At our department

The department is often called INES, which is the Swedish acronym for the department. INES is located in Geocentrum, at Sölvegatan 12, Lund.




  • Altocumulus, Geocentre I, 2nd floor, no 215
  • AtmosfärenGeocentre II, 2nd floor, no 209
  • BiosfärenGeocentre I, 2nd floor, no 220
  • Cirrocumulus, Geocentre I, 2nd floor, no 218
  • Hydrosfären, Geocentre I, 1st floor, no 108
  • Incus, Geocentre I, 2nd floor, no 209
  • Pangea, Geocentre II, 2nd floor, no 229
  • Stratocumulus, Geocentre I, 2nd floor, no 213
  • Världen, Geocentre I, 1st floor, no 111

Seminar rooms

  • Gotland, Geocentre I, 1st floor, no 126
  • Öresund, Geocentre I, 2nd floor, no 210

Our main buildings

Geocentre II, Sölvegatan 12, Lund
Geocentre I, Sölvegtan 10, Lund