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Course requirements and mandatory courses

Courses corresponding to 60 credits are required in the post graduate studies. There are a few mandatory courses for INES PhD students (see below), but most of the courses can be chosen by the PhD student together with the supervisors and the department representative (IR).

Courses can be taken at Lund university or at other universities in Sweden or abroad. A number of courses are organized by INES and Geology. The Faculty of Science organizes courses that suit PhD students at all departments, e.g. an introductory course and a course in scientific writing, and they compile information about graduate schools at their page Courses and graduate schools. The ClimBEco Research School (Climate, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing World) is one of them, offering courses relevant for many PhD students at INES and Geology. Other universities, in Sweden and abroad provide relevant PhD courses. There are many opportunities out there if you look for them! See links to study plans under PhD studies at INES.

List of courses

Course ECTS Contact/course information
Introduction course for PhD students 0.5 Course information
Introduction course for PhD students at CGB(a) 3 Daniel Conley, Dept of Geology
Research ethics 3 Course information
General Physical Geography(b) 4.5 Cecilia Akselsson, syllabus
Problem analysis 8 Supervisor (instructions)
Midway seminar 1.5 Supervisor (instructions)
Teaching and learning in higher education(c) 3-4.5 Division of higher education development

a. Formally only 1 of the credits is required (according to the study plan).
b. Mandatory for INES PhD students who don't have a background in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science. Talk to the Director of studies if you are not sure if you should take it.
c. Mandatory for PhD students who teach. Formally, 3 credits are required (according to the study plan).