GIS and Biodiversity


This course can only be taken as part of the iGEON master program. This is an internet based course. You do not need to physically visit Lund in order to attend.

Course content

This Internet-based distance course deals with different aspects of biodiversity: the convention on biological diversity, the present situation of biodiversity, and biodiversity and GIS. It contains six course modules:

  • What is biodiversity? – Introduction to biodiversity.
  • Genetic diversity – The genetic concept, sampling design and studies of genetic diversity.
  • Species diversity – Factors of species diversity, regional and local species pools and indices of diversity, richness and evenness.
  • Landscape diversity – Fragmentation, cultural landscape and indices of landscape structure.
  • Global change and biodiversity – Ecosystem functioning, global biome distribution and species response to climate change.
  • Student project – Exploring biodiversity in a country/region by using data that is available on Internet and the tools/programs included in the course.

Teaching methods

Teaching consists of lectures and practical exercises that you will submit to the teachers. The course ends with a project work and a written report.