Our student office crew is  Yvonne Kedström and Eva Kovacs. We are happy to help you with:

  • registering documents and grades into LADOK
  • room bookings
  • schedules
  • re-exams
  • sale of compendiums and more

You'll find us on the third floor, Geocentre II, Sölvegatan 12, Lund.

Contact  Eva Kovacs:

Email: eva [dot] kovacs [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
Telefon: +46 46 222 86 98
Room number: 346

Contact Yvonne Kedström:

Email: yvonne [dot] kedstrom [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
Telefon: +46 46 222 36 79

Study advisors

If you need support or guidance with anything concernig your studies, exchange studies, worries or health, our study advisors will do their best to help.

Contact information to study advisors

Opening hours

You are, as student, welcome to visit us at any time during office hours. We are available for most of the workday, usually one of us can receive you and answer questions or talk. Of course you can also book a meeting. Send us an e-mail or call and we will find a time within a few days.

Other opening hours during the covid-19 pandemic

During 2020, most of us work at home because of the covid-19 situation. You are therefore most likely to reach us by mail or telephone for meeting appointments and questions.