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PERENNIAL is the collective name for two research projects funded by FORMAS and ERC. The main purpose of these projects is to investigate how the cultivation of perennial crops can have a positive impact on agriculture, the environment and contribute to mitigating increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere through carbon sequestration in the soil.

Rootsystems of traditional wheat and perennial wheatgrass, showing the larger roots of the perennials. Photo.
Traditional wheat on the left, perennial wheatgrass on the right, with a comparison of growth over time.

PERENNIAL is a collaboration between Lund University's Center for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) and the Department of Natural Geography and Ecosystem Science (INES), coordinated by Professor Lennart Olsson (LUCSUS).

Flux and meteorological data

Here you will find some measurement data from the two towers in Alnarp.

Data from Perenn 1 (Kernza)

Data from Perenn 2 (Rapeseed)

Drone data and footage

Under update.

Project participants

The project participants are listed in Lund University's research portal:

PERENN: Is there a PERENN future for agriculture?
Carbon storage in perennial cropping systems


Some relevant perennial publications are listed below. Complete lists of publications and other content (for researchers and staff connected to Lund University) can be found in Lund University's research portal. You can find them by searching the portal for author names, such as Lennart Olsson, Elina Andersson, etc.

Perennials as future grain crops: opportunities and challenges EA Chapman, HC Thomsen, S Tulloch, PMP Correia, G Luo, J Najafi, Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 898769

Discussion: Prioritize perennial grain development for sustainable food production and environmental benefits LR DeHaan, JA Anderson, P Bajgain, A Basche, DJ Cattani, J Crain, Science of The Total Environment, 164975

Contact information

Patrik Vestin

E-mail: patrik [dot] vestin [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se


Contact information