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Upgrading and strengthening the University wide GIS Centre at Makerere University, Uganda

Geoinformation science in Makerere

This partnership between Makerere GIS Centre, Lund University and KTH in Stockholm will improve the capacity of Makerere in the field of GeoInformation Science. The experience from the collaborations will be used to make the partnership stronger. The expected outcomes of this partnership are listed in the table below.

Joint interests and outcomes

  • Development of GIS short courses curriculum. Outcome: Harmonization of short courses/training in GIS
  • Training of trainers. Outcome: Sharing of experiences. Improvement of knowledge and skills of researchers, especially from Uganda.
  • Development of geospatial tools and incubation processes Outcome: development of geospatial analytical tools.
  • Research. Outcome: joint cutting edge research and publications in geospatial technologies.
  • Installation and management of geospatial data infrastructure. Outcomes: Bridging th e gap between Europe and Africa in terms of managing geospatial data and other infrastructures. Availability of numerous opportunities in geo-realted research. Availability of good working geospatial environment.

Project information

Involved Swedish partners
Lund University and KTH, Stockholm

Involved researchers
A number of senior researchers from Uganda and Sweden

Contact person at the GIS Centre
Prof. Petter Pilesjö