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INTERACT docu series and BBC short films about the Arctic

Arctic station house in snow covered ground, with northern lights in the dark sky. Photo.
Hornsund station. Photo by Joanna Perchaluk.

Are you curious about the Arctic, and what it is like to work there? INTERACT is a network of stations around the Arctic that is building capacity for research and monitoring in the Arctic. INTERACT has earlier published several books, and this autumn they had a film premiere, and released short films in collaboration with BBC, giving interested a great opportunity to learn more about the Arctic.


International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT) is an EU funded infrastructure project with stations all over the Arctic. INTERACT is coordinated from the department of Physical Geography at Lund University, where coordinator Margareta Johansson is a researcher with focus on permafrost and climate change in the Arctic.

There was a grand premiere in Rome earlier this autumn, for the docu series "NORTHWARDS - together for the future". It is a series in eight episodes, directed by Giorgio Lupani, where he explores the work of INTERACT and meets some key people in the network.

The Changing Global Arctic

Another release this autumn was a collection of short films by INTERACT in collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit. The Changing Global Arctic is four short films:

  • Arctic Climate Magnification
  • Disappearing Homes
  • Extreme Causes for Concern
  • The Costs of Arctic Tourism

You can find and watch everything on the INTERACT website:

NORTHWARDS docu series

The Changing Global Arctic BBC + INTERACT Short films