Master thesis project, iGEON


This is the thesis course in the Master´s program in GIS (iGEON). It is compulsory for obtaining a MSc degree in Geographical Information Science from Lund University.

Course contents

In this course, you will be performing an independent research project using GIS techniques. You will write a scientific thesis in English in which you will report the aim of your study, methodology, results, as well as discuss your results in a wider concept. We'd like your thesis work to constitute a total of 20 weeks of fulltime work. This time includes data collection, analyses, literature review and writing. Your thesis can be applied, or focus on technical or theoretical issues.

You will have a supervisor at Lund University. But as you may live far away from Lund University, we generally also recommend one locally based, co-supervisor. This co-supervisor could be one of your superiors at work, a teacher, or another suitable contact. 

Defending your thesis

Your will be defending your thesis before an examination board. This is done as an open seminar, many times using Skype or other similar conferencing environments.

To be registered for the thesis course, you need to be admitted to iGEON. and and should have passed the compulsory and elective courses together adding up to 90 ECTS of GIS courses.


Course responsible is Harry Lankreijer. You are welcome to contact him if you have any questions, but read the course compendium available from the course homepage first. It is recommended to start early with finding a suitable subject for your thesis project and collecting GIS data.

Contact Harry Lankreijer