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Current weather data - 48 hours

A new weather station was installed at INES roof top in early May 2019. The station measures:

  • wind speed & direction
  • incoming shortwave radiation
  • air temperature
  • dew point temperature
  • relative humidity
  • air pressure, and
  • precipitation (rain and snow)

Data is saved as both 10 minute and 30 minute averages. The graphs are updated every 30 minutes, which allows you to follow the current weather situation in Lund in near real time.

Time series of data are available upon request and can be used for teaching purposes, by students and other non-commercial interests. The weather station operates with an advanced data logger that has space for additional sensors so there might be a possibility to add measurements if you think we are missing something crucial. Contact Patrik Vestin if you have questions regarding this or if you want to have access to data from the station.

Below, data for last 48h is displayed.

Here you'll find data for last 30 days
Here you'll find data for last 365 days





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