Geographical databases


In this course, students will explore theoretical and practical concepts of geographical databases including design, implementation and usage of geographical databases.

The course starts with general database terminologies and then concentrates on steps for design and implementation of a geographical database including:

  • requirement analysis
  • conceptual modelling
  • internal modelling and
  • physical implementation

As a student, you will learn about database modelling using UML, how to create tables from UML, how to normalize the tables, how to create them in a DBMS and also indexing techniques. In addition, you learn Structured Query Language (SQL) for creating and managing databases and also retrieving data from databases. The course also focuses techniques for managing spatial data, Spatial SQL and indexing techniques in geographical databases. You will also learn about the concepts of open source geographical databases and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).

Teaching consists of lectures and practical exercises that you will submit to the teachers. The course ends with a theory exam.