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Studying old forests and carbon uptake

In the forest, with layers of mosses and lichens.
Photo: Johanna Asch och Ulrika Ervander

Looking at old forests, in the small areas of forest lands where they are left untouched, and looking among other things at carbon dynamics. For the team this was a unique experience, and two field assistants have now published a film showing some of the environment and work deep in the forests far from common roads.

Pristine or very old forests are not very common in the managed forest areas that are wide spread, but there are still such forests in smaller patches. A research team lead by Anders Ahlström at our department, have set out to map such forests and also study the carbon dynamics of them. The results will be out in a research article later on this autumn. Until then, you may watch the film made by the field assistants Johanna Asch och Ulrika Ervander.