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Clearcutting is increasing in Europe – but not at the previously reported rate

Forest and sky

A new study by 33 researchers questions the EU report on european forestry, which had a significant impact last year. In the study, data was misinterpreted which made volume of clearcutting to appear greater than it was, the researchers argue.

Thomas Pugh, senior lecturer at our department, was interviewed by the magazine Extrakt, after having co-authored a study in which he and 32 other researchers questions an EU report on European forestry.

According to the study, data was misinterpreted, which made the volume of clearcutting appear significantly greater than it actually is. “There is a methodological error in the use of satellite data. The volume of clearcutting has increased in recent years, but by 6 per cent rather than 69 per cent”, Pugh says.

Read the full story on the Extrakt magazine website (in Swedish).