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Education and training in Earth observation

Education and training in Earth observation

The department offers several courses in Earth observation (remote sensing), both for students in physical geography and ecosystems analysis and for students in other science fields, such as land surveying, environmental science, forestry, agronomy and biology. Teaching is given in Lund or via Internet. Our Earth observation courses (called remote sensing courses at the department educational pages) are oriented towards land applications and include analysis of digital optical satellite data and aerial imagery. Among other we offer campus courses at full time (NGEN08: 15 ECTS) and half time (NGEN09: 7.5 ECTS).

Apart from academic courses we can offer tailored hands-on training courses according to client specifications.

See the department educational pages for more information.

We also offer post-graduate training in Earth observation. All open positions are advertised at the main Lund University web pages and can be applied for on-line. Search for jobs for doctoral students from these pages.


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