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Study counselling

When in need of guidance
As you may notice below, our study advisers have overlapping expertise. Do your best guess and contact the one you think is most appropriate.

For Physical Geography & Ecosystem Science

Lena Ström

Lena Ström
Phone: +46462223746
E-mail: lena.strom [at]

For exchange students

Paul Miller
Paul Miller

Paul Miller
Phone: +46462224072
E-mail: paul.miller [at]

Visiting address: Room 352, Geocentre II, Sölvegatan 12, Lund

For distance courses and iGEON

David Tenenbaum

David Tenenbaum
Phone: +46462224882
E-mail: david.tenenbaum [at]


For other science subjects

For other science subjects, please turn to the Science Faculty list of study counsellors at the Science Faculty home page.

For other subjects

For all other subjects at Lund University, turn to each subject's corresponding department or faculty. Contact information is available through the Lund University main web site.

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