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Weiming Huang

I have been at GIS Centre, INES as a PhD student since Novermber 2015 with a topic "Integration and linkage of heterogeneous geospatial data" under the supervisions of Prof. dr. Lars Harrie and Dr. Ali Mansourian. Within my PhD topic, I am mainly instereted in expoliting the knowledge representation techniques (including ontology, semantic web, linked data, descriptive logic, etc.) for facilitating geospatial data integration, with a peticular perspective of geovisualisation.

I have accomplished my first sub-study, which pertains the utilisation of linked data for the integration and synchronisation of thematic data and base maps in web maps nowadays. The starting point of this study is twofold: the web maps nowadays are usually presented in the form of map mashups, namely the thematic information is overlaid on various base maps, whereas the thematic data and the base maps are generally not linked, and this often raises much geometric inconsistencies in the web maps; the second starting point is that the European spatial data infrastructure initiative INSPIRE as well as Swedish national mapping agency (Lantmäteriet) are investigating of postential of linked data, and the linked data perfectly fits to alleviate the aforementioned long-standing visualisation flaw, thus we used linked data paradigm to enable (potential) genuine self-adapting web maps. To this end, we have addressed the research motivation and the methodology in a paper published by International Journal of Geographical Information Science, see the article. In addition to this, we have developed a prototype system as a proof of concept, all the codes (but not the data) are available in GitHub at here under the GPL 3.0 license.

My next studies will concentrate on the exploitation of knowledge represenatation techniques for another aspect of geovisualisation, e.g. rule-based multi-scale symbolisation, mapping for disaster management.

Furthermore, I am keen on exploring the geospatial applications of information technologeis in some other aspects, e.g. machine learning for remote sensing change detection, in which I have cooprated with some of my colleagues at China Agricultural University and Wuhan University. You are more than welcome to discuss any potential scientific collaboration with me.

And a few words about myself, I am from China, and was born in Jinan. I have had my studies in Jinan, Wuhan and Beijing before I came to Lund. I like Chinese calligraphy, music, football, and computer technology.


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Weiming Huang
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