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About the coronavirus

Lund University has gathered information for students and staff, and there are people to call if you need someone to talk to.

The university including our department will move on with online education. Education has moved online as from 18 March 2020 and until further notice from the department

Online education at the department

All course responsibles are quickly to plan and activate all or as much as possible teaching online due to coronavirus and restrictions in social contacts. Students need to keep updated and the implementation of online edcation will differ slightly between courses. Information for your course is at the moment mainly given by the course coordinator.

Rooms and labs

Spring 2020:  During the Covid-19 outbreak all teaching will occur on-line. Access to labs is now restricted. If you need physical access it should be granted by  your course coordinator.

General information from Lund University

The University is now focused on securing its operations and ensuring that community healthcare resources are safeguarded.  University facilities are not closed and can be used. Libraries and common study areas will remain open.  However, opening hours may be affected.

Information from the university is continuously updated on this page:

To keep updated about the action of Lund University in the coronavirus situation, there is a page for staff and students which is continuously updated with the latest information.

There are also questions and answers pages for staff and for students respectively. This one is for students:

If you need to talk to someone about your worries

If you feel worried and want to talk to someone there is a phone number set up for international students: 046-2224385

This number is open at hrs 11-12 and are in use from Wednesday 18 March. Note that this is for handling fear and concerns about the situation, not medical advice.



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