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Rights & guidelines

We regard your study environment as your workplace, in the same manner as we do for employed staff. The person responsible for both the physical and psycho-social working environments at the department is the Head of Department.

What is this about?

In Sweden it is prohibited in any working environment to discriminate, harass or humiliate co-workers. This naturally includes our department and students, teachers and other staff members. As a student you have certain rights regarding your education, e.g. concerning the environment at the department, exams, thesis supervision, etc. You also have certain obligations that relate to plagiarism and cheating, disturbing behaviour in teaching situations, harassment of fellow students, etc. You'll find an extensive description of student rights and guidelines here.

Who to address at our department?

What can you do if feel that your rights have been violated? Or if you have been suspected of not fulfilling your obligations as student?

The best way is normally to try to solve any problem where it occurs. That could be to raise the issue with the teacher, staff or fellow student involved. In some cases you may not feel comfortable with this or may feel that the teacher is not listening. Then you may contact the course coordinator or the study advisor. You could also contact the director of studies or the head of department. If you feel that you have been harassed or subject to discrimination you should contact the director of studies or the head of department.

Who to address outside the department?

The student association LUNA (Naturvetarkåren LUNA) will support and advise you in how to proceed in your discussion with the department. LUNA can also put you in touch with the student representative (Studentombudet) at LU who can assist you if you want to take your complaint to a higher level or if you are suspected of e.g. plagiarism or cheating.

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