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The Nature of Peace

“Exploring links between natural environment and peace-building in post-conflict societies”

A Pufendorf theme project was granted for 2016/2017 that focuses on post-conflict peacebuilding and reconstructions processes that take place after the termination of an internal armed conflict. Links between post-conflict developments and the natural environment are explored in an interdisciplinary way to understand the social, economic and ecological dynamics that these links imply. A major research gap and a question that is rarely posed is: 
How does a transition from armed conflict to peace impact the natural environment? And what (negative and/or positive) consequences can these impacts have for various social groups? 

A Pufendorf theme is a project that revolves around one or more current research issues, which require perspectives from multiple disciplines in order to find solutions and answers.

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Micael Runnström, Physical Geography / GIS Centre
Alejandro Fuentes, Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Ana Maria Vargas Falla, Sociology of Law
Britta Sjöstedt, Law
Fariborz Zelli, Political Science
Lina Eklund, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Maria Andrea Nardi, Human Geography
Maria Ericson, Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Sandra Valencia, LUCSUS
Torsten Krause, LUCSUS
Danna Carolina Villada

For more information, contact micael [dot] runnstrom [at] gis [dot] lu [dot] se

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
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