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Remote sensing - Near surface remote sensing

When we mention remote sensing, our minds often jump to images captured by satellites. In reality, many measurements taken from a distance without direct contact with the target fall under the umbrella of remote sensing.

Near-surface remote sensing, or proximal remote sensing, narrows the focus to observations made in close proximity to the land surface, such as on the top of a tripod, mast, or tower, or from a drone.

Near-surface remote sensing allows us to gather data over a specific area at any given time, collecting consistent time series of clear observations, regardless of cloud cover. These observations provide valuable information for studying land surface changes under climate variations and global warming. Near surface remote sensing is a crucial step in calibrating and validating satellite-derived products, including biophysical parameters, land surface phenology, and vegetation productivity.


Site nameVegetation typeLatitudeFluxes y/n
SvalbardPolar tundra78Yes
ICOS ZackenbegHigh Arctic fen64Yes
AbiskoArctic birch forest and alpine heath68No
ICOS Abisko StordalenDry and wet heathland68Yes
TarfalaAlpine heath68No
ICOS SvartbergetBoreal pine forest64Yes
ICOS DegeröBoreal peatland64Yes
ICOS HyytiäläBoreal pine forest61Yes
ICOS NorundaBoreal mixed coniferous forest plus clearcut60Yes
ICOS SkogarydHemi-boreal spruce forest57Yes
AsaSpruce forest57Yes
ICOS HyltemossaTemperate spruce forest56Yes
KenyaSavanna and agriculture1Yes



Lars Eklundh: lars [dot] eklundh [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
Per-Ola Olsson: per-ola [dot] olsson [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
Torbern Tagesson: torbern [dot] tagesson [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
José Beltrán: jose [dot] beltran [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se
Shangharsha Thapa: shangharsha [dot] thapa [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se


Map of measurement stations

Graphic map of research stations in the Earth observation group at LU.
Graphic map of research stations in the Earth observation group at LU.