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NGEA01 Physical Geography: An Introduction to the Global Environment

Welcome to the course NGEA01
Here you find material related to the course, for example powerpoint presentations from lectures and compendiums and other material distributed at lectures and exercises.

You can also find a document with lots of information about being a student in Lund. The teacher team consist of:

Cecilia Akselsson (course coordinator)
Anders Ahlström

Helena Borgqvist
Hanna Glad
Ricardo Guillén
Jeppe Ågård Kristensen
Lars-Johan Lyttkens Lindén
Maj-Lena Lindersson
Klas Lucander
Ulrik Mårtensson
Micael Runnström
Britta Smångs
Lena Ström
Charlotte Webb
Jonas Åkerman

Reading instructions

Exam from October 2015

Exam from November 2015

Lecture notes and handouts


Field week





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