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Master Degree Project


This course is compulsory for taking exam in the master programs of Physical Geography and Ecosystem analysis and Atmospheric Sciences & Biogeochemical Cycles. The degree thesis is an independent performed project.

As a student, you choose the subject together with a supervisor. Usually, the subject is related to current research at the department. But it can also be done in cooperation with other institutes outside the university, organisations or companies. The project needs to fit in the given time and can include fieldwork, laboratorium analysis and literature studies.

The results of the research project are published in a scientific report written in English or Swedish and following the rules for publications. The student will also present his/her project results in a seminar with usually another student as opponent and an examcommittee of two teachers.

Martin Berggren is responsible for this course. You are welcome to contact him if you have any questions. It is recommended to start early with finding a suitable subject for your thesis project and you can contact teachers for ideas.

Read more about the course on the homepage of the course.

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Course facts

Level: Advanced
Credits: 30 ECTS
Period: Autumn & Spring
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: General admission requirements and 225 ECTS, including 45 ECTS in advanced level (second cycle or graduate level) in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis

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