This is an internet based course. You are not supposed to travel to Lund to attend. The course can only be taken as part of the iGEON master program.

Course contents

In this course, you will explore theoretical and practical concepts of Web GIS (Internet GIS). From theoretical perspective you study about advantages and techniques for publishing, visualizing and accessing maps on Internet. This includes architecture of Web GIS/Web mapping systems, markup languages for example HTML, XML, SVG and GML, a scripting language, screen cartography, data sharing and geoportals, spatial web services and OGC standards. From practical perspective you will learn to develop WebGIS/Web mapping applications including static and interactive web mapping systems. You also learn and work with some well known open source software and libraries for developing a Web GIS.

Teaching methods

Teaching consists of lectures and practical exercises that you will submit to the teachers. The course ends with a project.