INTERACT presented at the European Polar Science Week

Aerial photo of research station in Arctic environment at Hornsund, Svalbard.
INTERACT affiliated research station Hornsund on Svalbard. Aerial photo by Adam Nawrot.

Margareta Johansson held an invited tak at the European Polar Science Week. The talk focused on research access in the Arctic to increase the understanding of this remote area.

Arctic research infrastructure

Margareta Johansson, researcher at the department and coordinator of the Arctic research infrastructure INTERACT, gave an invited talk at the European Polar Science Week in late October. Polar Science week is an event co-hosted by the European Space Agency and the European Commission. Margareta explained that there is still much research needed to get the whole picture of the Arctic and the climate change that is affecting the area to a large extent. INTERACT is an infrastructure with a large network, enabling researchers to cooperate and get access to research stations in the Arctic. There are even possibilities for remote access, where personnell at research stations may perform sampling for a researcher.

Watch the presentation

The talk was focused on the possibilities for research that  is available through INTERACT and other networks operating in the area. The presentation can be found here, Margareta Johanssons talk starts at 1.35.50 into the video.

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