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Academics in debate article: "Young people are right to sue the state"

Gathering for prostest on climate change.

The Aurora group are young people who recently initiated a process against the state of Sweden for not taking action and treating the climnate crisis as a crisis. More than 1600 researchers and teachers including researchers from our department, agreeing with the Aurora, have signed a debate article in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet,

Many researchers and teachers from academies all over Sweden have put their name on an debate article published in Aftonbladet, stating that the young people of the Auroira group are right:

"We, 1,620 scientists and university teachers, agree with the young people behind the Aurora target: they are affected and at risk of being seriously affected by the climate crisis in their lifetime. The climate action we take in the near future will determine their future. Sweden must take responsibility and do its fair share of global climate work."

Further, they aregue that Sweden´s goals are too vague, over all not sufficient, not counting for emissions that we cause outside Sweden, and also from forestry and wetland ditching. Sweden is also missing action plans for preserving and protecting ecosystems, which is necessary for reducing the worst consequences of the climate change.

"The legal and moral basis for tackling climate change is that each country must do its fair share of global climate work. Central to the international climate framework is that rich countries with high historical emissions, including Sweden, must lead the rest of the world. ", they write.

Professor Anders Lindroth from the department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science is one of the handful of people who put their namnes in this debate article. He says:

– It should be obvious to everyone by now that it is not enough to set ambitious targets for reducing emissions without also presenting a concrete plan that shows quantitatively how these targets will be achieved. And this has not been done. We can see that what is being done is totally inadequate and we simply need (pardon the expression) one or more good kicks in butts our politicians to make something happen. Today's children and young people will have to live with the climate of the future and they have every right in the world to make demands on us adults, including the 'state', to make something concrete happen. This is one of the reasons why I signed the article.

The full debate article from 7 December can be found on Aftonbladet (in Swedish).