Andreas Persson

Andreas Persson

Senior lecturer

Andreas Persson

Väderradarteknik inom VA-området : Test av metodik

Weather radar technology within water- and wastewater treatment : Test of methodology


  • Nicholas South
  • Hossein Hashemi
  • Lisa Olsson
  • Seyyed Hasan Hosseini
  • Henrik Aspegren
  • Rolf Larsson
  • Ronny Berndtsson
  • Rajib Das
  • Anna Marmbrandt
  • Jonas Olsson
  • Andreas Persson

Summary, in English

The report consists of a literature study of X-band weather radar technology, a comparison of rain data between an X-band radar facility near Lund and rain gauges, an analysis of flow- and sewage overflow data during rain events and implementation ideas of the X-band radar.


  • Water Engineering


  • X-band weather radar
  • weather based control
  • warning systems
  • rain gauge measurements
  • C-band weather radar
  • sewage overflow measurements
  • flow measurements
  • X-band väderradar
  • väderstyrning
  • varningssystem
  • nederbördsmätning
  • C-band väderrada
  • bräddmätning
  • flödesmätning



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