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Ana Soares

The overall objective of my PhD is to improve the understanding of the terrestrial dissolved organic carbon (DOC) reactivity in water systems. In particular, my project focuses on changes in short- and long-term photochemical and biological DOC reactivity that occur along the freshwater to seawater transect. The study looks at 15 major Swedish river catchments throughout Sweden’s Baltic Sea watershed. I investigate how different environmental factors, such as land-cover, nutrient availability, bacterial communities, pH, salinity and water residence times, affect the degradability of the DOC that is being transported from the rivers towards the sea.


Research area: Aquatic Biogeochemistry


Ongoing research projects:

2013-2017 Environmental constraints on the input of reactive organic carbon to the Baltic Sea (PhD Student).



E-mail: ana [dot] soares [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Dept of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

+46 46 222 31 52



Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
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