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Florian Sallaba

I am conducting my PhD studies in the Ecosystem Modelling and Biodiversity Studies Group at the Department of  Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science – Lund University.

My research is within simulating the effects of climate change and on the structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in Europe. Our approach is based around developing and applying a process-based ecosystem modelling framework, LPJ-GUESS, with input data from climate observations, models, proxy data or scenarios. I am involved in CLIMSAVE - (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaption and Vulnerability in Europe) a project funded by the European Union.  CLIMSAVE - is a pan-European project that is developing a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool that will allow stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors, including agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, water resources and urban development.

I am also interested in remote sensing applications to detect Land Use and Land Cover changes using spectral and modeled seasonality data. In my master thesis I studied the potential of a statistical machine learning algorithm (support vector machines) to separate satellite derived time series into Land Use and Land Cover classes.

As a former president of Lund Doctoral Student Union  (Lunds Doktorandkår - LDK) in 2013-2014, I am happy to answer your questions about LDK.
Feel free to contact me .


Arctic research Climate Change
On an Arctic research excursion about Geobiosphere processes in the Svalbard Permafrost environment
E-post: florian.sallaba [at]


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