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Education - All courses - Geomatics

The Master´s programme aims at providing an attractive education that prepare the students for work in governmental and private organisations as well as for research. It provides courses in a wide range of areas in the field of geomatics including geographic information systems (GIS), geodesy, remote sensing and computer science. The programme consists of three parts. The first part provides theoretical courses in e.g. computer science and statistics. The second part contains a number of courses in geographic information technology regarding:

  • collecting data – mainly remote sensing and geodesy,
  • storage of data – e.g. spatial database technology,
  • treatment of data – fundamental algorithms in geographical analysis,
  • distribution of data – e.g. standardized web services, and
  • visualization – e.g. cartographic rules for screen display.

The third and last part treats applications mainly focusing on environmental, physical and urban planning.

NOTE: some of the elective/alternative courses may only be given in Swedish.

Basic admission requirements and Bachelor´s degree representing 180 ECTS in scientific or technical subjects. Find out about English language proficiency requirements by following these links.

Master Programme in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis - prerequesites & selection, at Lund University

Master´s level English requirements, at universityadmissions.se

General information on English language requirements in Swedish higher education, at universityadmissions.se


Level: Master

Credits: 120 higher education credits

Course period: Autumn

Language of instruction: English

Basic admission requirements with Bachelor degree of 180 ETCS in natural sciences or enginering.

Program overview


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Ulrik Mårtensson berättar lite om naturgeografi och kort om kandidatprogrammet.

Jonas Åkerman blir intervjuad och berättar om sig själv, sitt yrkesliv, och om ämnet.