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Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis, internship, bachelor level

The purpose of this course is to experience using your skills in Physical Geography in a company, organisation or institute setting.

Course contents

This course provides you with the opportunity to do practical training, using the skills in Physical Geography that you've come to master. You will work, either at the university itself, or at companies, public authorities or organisations. The practical training is to include at least 40 working days.

For more information about this course please refer to this PDF.

Internship report from previous students

PDF iconelsa_lindevall_internship_summary.pdf
PDF icon internship_at_naturum_kullaberg_summary.pdf
PDF icon feedback_from_internship.pdf
PDF icon praktikrapport_enetjarn_natur_en.pdf
PDF icon internship_summary.pdf
PDF icon intership_trivector_traffic.pdf
PDF icon internship_report_calluna_hanna_ribjer.pdf
PDF icon report_of_placement_and_short_summary_of_placement.pdf
PDF icon summary_swedish_forest_agency.pdf

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Course coordinator

Course facts: NGEA51

Level: Basic
Credits: 15 ECTS
Period: Autumn & Spring
Language of instruction: Swedish or English
Prerequisites: General admission requirements and and 90 ECTS credits from the subject area of physical geography, earth science and environmental science specialising in physical geography or 90 ECTS credits specialising in meteorology and biogeophysics.

For current students

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
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