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NGEA03 Remote Sensing for Landscape Studies

Course homepage
Here you should be able to find material related to the course that will help to improve your learning experience. Naturally you will find hand outs from the lectures, exercises and other types of formal teaching material but the intention is that you should also find material that takes you beyond the horizon of the course and that is hopefully fun, stimilating and interesting.

Welcome to the course NGEA03

Sri Lanka tea
Sri Lanka fishing




Going to school



Karin Hall
Anna-Maria Jönsson
Ulrik Mårtensson (course director)
Lena Ström

Lecture notes and handouts

PDF iconUlrik Mårtensson: Basic radiation, remote sensing and aereal photography interpretation (up-dated 2016-08-31)

Link to lecture Lena Ström

Anna-Maria Jönsson Satellite-Climate-Vegetation




ngea03_klimatveg_part1.pdf (new 2015-10-19)

ngea03_klimatveg-part2.pdf (new 2015-10-19)


Exercise instructions and project descriptions

Anna-Maria Jönsson Research Articles Powerpoint
Anna-Maria Jönsson Research Articles Description
Anna-Maria Jönsson Papers and Reviewers

PDF iconAerial photograph interpretation exercise _um.pdf
PDF iconQuestions_google_and_geomorphology_ver_2016.pdf

PDF iconVerkaå river mapping project version_20160831_um.pdf
Hints to make nicer presentations

Additional reading and lectures from previous years

A short text relating to the first week´s lectures by Ulrik
Additional accuracy estimations slides
EU document regarding mapping of terrestrial habitats - for the Verkaå-project

Helena Eriksson: Introduction to Remote Sensing (Updated: 2015-09-01)

Lars Eklundh: Physical Basis of Remote Sensing

Helena Eriksson: Introduction to radiation theory (Updated: 2015-09-01)

Helena Eriksson: Information content and interpretation of aerial photographs (Updated: 2015-09-01)

Andreas Persson: Accuracy estimation and field data collection

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